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Coin sorters

When you want your coins sorted too

SCAN COIN branded coin sorters count, sort, verify and bag coins or tokens. Our coin sorters give you the freedom of counting and sorting several different currencies at the same time. All of them include the SUZOHAPP unique electronic counting sensor technology. And some of them also contain the patented Active Sorting® technology, which means that the machine carries on working even when a bag is full.

ICX Active-9 - Improve your cash processing with the strong and compact coin sorter

The SCAN COIN ICX Active-9 is the all-in-one solution from SUZOHAPP for any coin sorting need. It's unique Active Sorting® Technology ensures outstanding features: multiple currencies processed, very high throughput, multiple set-ups and configurations. 

This brand new strong and compact active coin sorter designed for the mid range section of our portfolio. It is a sorter and counter with high accuracy and performance that can process up to 250.000 coins daily.

The ICX Active-9 is extremely flexible and easy to use thanks to its 10” LCD touchscreen user interface. Furthermore, it offers comprehensive statistics to ensure that all coins can be simply and instantly traced.


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Perfect for:

  • Banks
  • Retail
  • CIT / Central Cash Processing
  • Gaming and Amusement
  • Vending
  • High demands in accuracy and performance 
  • Medium cash volumes

The brand new coin sorter

Coins come in all shapes and sizes, and in a variety of materials including aluminium and stainless steel. The ICX Active-9 processes all coins with its innovative built-in rotating disc and driving rubber belt. Thanks to the 9 coin outlets and a reject outlet, multiple coins/tokens can be sorted into the same bag and coins of the same diameter can be separated into different bags, to remove legacy coins. Speed is a necessity where many coins have to be quickly validated, sorted and bagged. Here the ICX Active-9 excels with its ability to process up to 2,700 coins/tokens per minute. Indeed, it has been designed for processing 250,000 coins per shift. 


Accessories / Options

ICX Active-9 Accessories

Explore Flexible Cash Handling

The ICX Active-9 is the strongest mid-range sorter on the market.

It is designed for processing 250 000 coins per shift. Besides the flexibility of Active Sorting, this coin sorter offers multiple accessories enabling a solution that meets your unique business needs.

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Perfect for:

  • Banks & CIT
  • Medium cash volumes
  • Swift integration with other cash handling equipment
  • Easy operation and monitoring

Overview available accessories

SUZOHAPP offers a broad range of accessories for the ICX Active-9 

- Floor stand on wheels, with bag support

- Floor stand with adjustable height

- Coin Handling System, CHS-9

- Coin Lifts (One option for fixed hopper and one coin lift for the SC-93400 coin wagon)

- Automatic Coin Feeder

- Reject cup with lid

- Connection kit to the Coin Wagon System, SC-93770

- External Printer


Accessories / Options

DTC, the Ultimate Coin Sorter

The DTC is a strong performer in counting and sorting, as well as in rejecting foreign and damaged coins. Through the unique sensor technology the solution offers outstanding accuracy, combined with reliable functions. The solution has the latest technology and is designed to satisfy the market’s need for reliable and modern cash processing.

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Perfect for:

  • Banks and CIT
  • Medium cash volumes 

DTC, for Powerful Business

The heavy duty coin sorter, built in strong metal, counts up to 520 coins per minute and sorts them into boxes. The solution has the latest features such as a touchscreen display and a keypad for easy operation. This, together with the proven sensor technology and the reliable construction, ensures years of operating excellence.

Choose the DTC model that best meets your needs depending on how many denominations you wish to count and sort. An optional second solenoid can also be installed to separate a second currency or tokens.


Accessories / Options

ICP Active-9

ICP Active-9

Automated coin handling is one thing.

Intelligent Coin Processing is a whole new story.

As an executive in the Cash Centre business you know all about monitoring performance, profitability and customer satisfaction. And about trying to squeeze as much as you can from the investments your company makes.

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Perfect for:

  • Central banks and CIT
  • Extremely high demands in accuracy and performance
  • High cash volumes

Intelligent Coin Processing

We engineer solutions that enable you to achieve the objectives you care most about. From increased throughput and service level, to full control of cost per coin and Total Cost of Ownership.

Your Business Evolution Partner

We have a long history as a leading innovator in the industry. We develop hardware and software systems that make your Cash Centre operations not only more efficient, but also more intelligent, with the ability to adapt to your evolving needs. That's because our aim is not only to help you improve existing operations, but also bring you tools and information for developing your business. Which is exactly why we developed ICP Active-9. 


Accessories / Options

What should you do once your coins are sorted?

Look at packaging solutions too!

Ultimate Coin Handling System

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Ultimate Coin Handling System

Packaging coins?

Our coin sachet systems lead the market in scalability and efficiency. We will have a solution to fit your business.

Packaging coins?