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Challenges for CIT companies

The processing of large volumes of notes and coins is complex, costly and time-consuming, which is why an increasing number of banks, major retailers and other handlers of cash in bulk are outsourcing the task to CIT companies.

Big benefits for bulk cash operations

These companies handle the management of the entire cash loop: collection, counting, packaging, consolidation, storage and distribution. CIT companies have created integrated networks for CIT collection and cash processing. At the hub of the system are cash centres, which are looking for the best large-scale processing solutions to maximise operational efficiency and minimise unit costs.

Integrate and gain more 

Our cash centre solutions are based on a full range of hardware, software and technical consultant services. We have many years experience of cooperating with cash centres to heighten the efficiency and control of cash processing and management. We not only deliver productivity-enhancing machines and equipment for the counting, sorting and packaging stages, but also offer expertise in the integration of all aspects of cash centre operations – a crucial element in gaining a competitive edge.

Banking - revolution or evolution?

The self-service banking trend is growing steadily. Self-service machines enable banks and credit unions to handle cash more cost-effectively and to reassign bank staff to a more profitable advisory role. And self-service is also a competitive weapon for banks, attracting customers with the greater convenience of lobby services that offer extended opening hours. CDS, cash deposit systems are part of the self-service revolution.

The bank lobby of today

In recent years, the bank lobby has become the self-service cash transaction centre of many bank branches, offering services that often include CDS (Cash Deposit systems) for depositing notes and coins, ATMs for cash dispensing, information terminals, Internet access, coin roll dispensers and foreign exchange machines. At its most efficient, the self-service banking area creates a cash-in, cash-out loop with ATMs dispensing notes and CDS machines taking in notes and/or coins.

Get an overview of our innovative solutions for financial institutions in the Banking Catalogue.

Central banks & Mints

We have many years experience in meeting the demanding requirements of some of the world’s leading mints. The company provides optimised solutions in all key areas; from the quality checking of blanks and minted coins to coin packaging.

Our leading-edge sensor technology gives its mint partners a competitive edge in precision checks of blanks and coins, providing the basis for better production control. SUZOHAPP also offers a wide range of packaging equipment, enabling robust, tailored solutions and opportunities to benefit from fully-automatic lines. 

Whether you are a specialised coin blank manufacturer, a mint with a highly focused output or a commercially active mint looking for flexible, high-performance solutions, we have the product portfolio and expertise to help you configure the complete, cost-effective system for your needs.

How much coins do you keep at home?

50% of UK households are ready to cash their coins
In the United Kingdom the average household has £27 of saved coins. A survey shows that 50% of the population would use a coin deposit machine to process them if available locally.

Averaging €50 per transaction in Ireland
An Irish company owns and manages 60 coin deposit systems at retail locations countrywide and is enjoying profits from the more than €40 million saved in loose change in Irish households. Their retail customers benefit from an extra in-store sales the service generates, especially when the company’s own studies show that the average coin transaction is from €50 and up.

Cashing in across the US
In the US, a popular national grocery chain has installed coin deposit systems at more than 1,500 outlets. The service has been very popular with customers since its inception, and is considered a profit centre for the company.

No matter what country you come from - don't you agree that it would be nice to know a spot where you could get rid of this sometimes heavy load - and get surprised how high the value really is?

Retail - Explore true cash management

During the last years the retail industry have been facing new challenges in order to augment the in-store recirculation of cash. Many retailers have realized that there are benefits of re-using the cash without having to purchase these services from for instance CIT companies. However, this demands secure solutions that are easy to use for everyone.

Cash Management You Can Count On

Leveraging our solutions into your business improves operational efficiencies. The combination of our unified software intelligence and leading processing technologies gives you superior results and elevates your cash management operations. Eliminate all daily tasks from counting, managing till content, reconciliation and reporting in-store cash, which allows the staff to be deployed into higher value activities. Our CashComplete™ software coupled with our cash handling solutions together provides full visibility and accurate reporting of cash cycle. All stages of operations become more efficient by introducing operational automation and cash recycling. CIT pickup services, administrative and cash demand variation fees are reduced with our solution.

Public transport

Drivers in many countries use cash deposit systems as a point where they can deliver the day’s cash takings. Giving drivers access to a cash deposit machine in close proximity has reduced security risks and also released staff from cash-counting duties.

Increasingly, bus and train operators are looking for driver deposit solutions that can offer more than cash processing functions. Ideally, they want solutions that can become part of a network to help them gather and coordinate important business data.

Here you’ll find more information about our installations within the public transport sector.

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