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Coin Solutions

Our range consists of a variety of different coin solutions. They count, verify and bag coins or tokens, while off-sorting smaller coin denominations. The SCAN COIN brand is well known for its world-leading sensor technology to identify foreign, damaged or counterfeit coins. Coin counters are frequently used in settings like retail, banks (back-office) and casinos.


Coin counting

Coin Counting

Coin counters verify and count the number of coins or tokens. This type of machines work with a manual setting to identify the thickness and diametre of the coin. Non conform coins, counterfeits or damaged coins are off-sorted. Coin counters are frequently used in back-office settings.

Coin counters

Coin sorting

Coin Sorting

Coin sorters count, sort, verify coins or tokens. Our more sophisticated models give you the freedom of counting and sorting several different currencies at the same time. All of them include the SUZOHAPP unique electronic counting sensor technology. And some of them also contain the patented Active Sorting® technology, which means that the machine carries on working even when a bag is full.

 Coin sorters

Icon value counting coins

Value Counting

Our value counters quickly count the value of mixed coins, without separating them. That is - a coin counter but with the additional feature of giving you the value of the batch. The patented electronic sensor technology ensures the highest possible counting accuracy.


 Coin Sacheting  

Coin Sacheting

Coin sachet systems take loose coin and package it into sealed plastic sachets in standard banking batches. Our coin sachet systems are widely used across a range of markets, from leisure and amusement operators looking to recycle packaged coin, back-office applications in vending, car parking to help reduce the cost of banking coin, through to major coin processing operators within the banking and cash-in-transit business.